Military Grade DC-DC Converter


Step-down isolated SIP-8 package converters that provide consumer power capacity from 2 up to 10 W with high efficiency that are able to operate within ambient temperature range between -60°C and +85°C.

A wide range of non-brick standard DC-DC converter with output power from 3W to 1000 W for industrial and hi-rel applications. The products of this series can also be supplied with high-voltage input (up to 350 VDC) and provide stable operation within wide operating temperature range between –60…+125°С.

Compact size, the maximum output power of ultra-compact Hi-Rel DC-DC converters of MDR series can reach up to 160 W. This product has power density up to 120 W/in3 and is able to operate in a wide range of temperatures (–60…+125°C), it has remote on/off function and full range of protections: current overload, short circuit and thermal protection

MDA series of converters is designed with the purpose to optimize the systems of power supply of customers with clear dynamic nature of load.
Galvanicallyisolated differential synchronization input allows to synchronizeswitching frequency and to provide reliable hardware or softwarefiltering of EMI.The modules have the remote on/off function, output voltage adjustment,the power good signal, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection,overvoltage protection. Polymer potting sealing protects modules fromdifferent factors: vibration, dirt, moisture and salt fog.

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