3U 28VDC Input VITA62 VPX Power Supply

PCI Power Systems e.K., manufactures a variety of rugged modular conduction cooled and convection cooled VITA62 VPX Power Supplies in 3U and 6U form factor. The power supplies are with are designed, digitally controlled poly-phase technology on all voltage rails to minimize EMI/EMC, SSC on all stages and high reliability.

The products are available in 28V/ 270VDC /115VAC / 230VAC Single and Three Phase with power rating from 250W to 1000W. They are designed and build to meet Mil-EMI/EMC and Environmental standards. Single and Double Slot in Conduction and Air cooled models.

3U 28VDC Input VITA62 VPX Power Supply (Conduction & Air Cooled)

ModelForm FactorStyleTypeInputPowerFeaturesCooling
PCI_800.101_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V250 WConduction
PCI_800.102_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V400 WConduction
PCI_800.103_C 3U, 1.6"VITA 62DC28V500 W150ms holdupConduction
PCI_800.104_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V700 WConduction
PCI_800.105_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V400 WConduction
PCI_800.106_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V650 WConduction
PCI_800.107_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V500 W40000ft AltitudeConduction
PCI_800.107_AIR 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V500 WAir
PCI_800.108_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V1000 WConduction
PCI_800.109_C 3U, 1.6"VITA 62DC28V500 W380ms hold upConduction
PCI_800.110_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V250 W400ms hold upConduction
PCI_800.111_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V750 WConduction
PCI_800.177_C 3U, 1"VITA 62DC28V500 W70,000ft AltitudeConduction
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