Power Factor Corrector Modules

KKM200, KKM400 Series PFC Modules

Compact modular power factor corrector is AC/DC converter without galvanic isolation, which was designed for providing high power factor in power supply systems with single-phase AC input voltage.

Small size and low-profile package support integration of KKM units in compact power supply systems. With external bridge rectifier and isolated Dc/Dc converter it can employ ultralow-profile AC/DC converter with case operating temperature range -60°C...+125°C

Galvanically isolated differential input allows synchronizing switching frequency and providing reliable hardware or software program filtration of electromagnetic noises. KKM unit has remote switch off and overload and output overvoltage protection. It can be designed with different pin out options e.g. with axial or radial position of plug-in terminals, with blade contacts, flexible mount wires, terminal blocks etc.


  • Power factor min. 0.96, low level of input current harmonics
  • Low-profile package, small size
  • Case operating temperature -60°C to +125°C
  • DC Output voltage 380VDC, 400VDC
  • Output power 200W, 400 W
  • Input voltage 187...242VAC (with external bridge rectifier) or 260-342VAC
  • Switching frequency 470 to 530 kHz, external synchronization
  • Typical efficiency from 92 to 95%
  • Polymer potting
  • Case with flange, caseless
  • Download Datasheet