Multi-purpose Isolated DC-DC Converters

The compact isolated DC / DC voltage converters for special purposes ranging from 3W to 1000W with operating temperatures up to -60 ... 125 ° C.


Ultra-Compact Hi-Rel DC-DC Converters

Low profile ultra compact isolated DC / DC voltage converters upto 200W with operating temperatures up to -60 ... 125 ° C, intended for supply stabilized voltage analog and digital equipment for special purposes. Power supplies are recommended new developments, Hi-Reliability applications


DC-DC Converters for Pulse Load

MDM –A series Converters are designed to optimize power systems customers with a strong dynamic load character. A number of original solutions allowed achieving much faster feedback and thereby reducing the required amount of storage capacitance in the source and the power supply system as a whole. Solutions built on the basis of power of MDM-A modules, win both the weight and size, and on the reliability of the system as a whole.


DC-DC for Railway-Transportation

Low profile isolated DC / DC converter with an input range of 36 ... 166 V, optimized for use in railway transport. They have a high resistance to vibration and dust; have the function of parallel operation. On the basis of these modules is possible to build highly reliable fault-tolerant power supply systems


High Voltage Input DC-DC Converters

MDM-HV series, the suffix mains input "H" and "M" are designed to convert high voltage DC power from the backup power supply (high voltage battery) or the voltage bus formed onboard generator and rectifier.


Miniature Isolated DC-DC Converters

MDM-H series is designed to replace modules top foreign manufacturers and is designed to provide power to consumers ranging from 1 to 10 watts. Products are available in a standard metal and plastic housings and SIP 6 SIP 8.