Electronic Load

This liquid cooled load allows a wide range of operation up to 400V / 750A. The small size provides high power density combined with high ease of use. Wherever heat and noise of fans is unacceptable, this load offers a perfect solution, e.g. laboratory or test rooms. Due to its capability to connect modules in parallel, the power rating can be increased up to 40kW, controllable by one interface.

•    Regulation of voltage, current, power and resistance
•    Wide operating range up to 400V / up to 750A with one module
•    Paralleling of up to 4 modules for higher load capacity
•    Reduced water consumption depending on load power and water inlet temperature
•    CAN Bus interface for control and monitoring
•    Protected against thermal overheating
•    Determination of the capacity of batteries in Ah (battery tester) /
•    “In service” test of batteries considering actual load currents by an additional current probe input
•    Programmable switch off limits to avoid total discharge of the battery

Modular Systen