AC Input EMI Filter

MAA-F Series Unified EMI/RFI filtering modules for AC networks are designed to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of Power Supplies, especially sensitive to radio interference. These EMI filters are with small dimensions and the maximum current of the filter modules available are upto 18 A.

The MAA-F series EMI filters are highly reliable, RFI suppression up to 40 dB with case operating temperature range of -50°C…+85°C


Model NoInput VoltageMaximum CurrentDownload
МАА200-1KFBx ~115 VAC, 400Hz 2 А Datasheet
МАА200-1SFBх ~220 VAC, 50Hz or 400Hz 1 А
МАА600-1КFBх ~115 VAC, 400Hz 6А 6 А
МАА600-1SFBх ~220 VAC, 50Hz or 400Hz 3 А
МАА2000-1КFBх ~115 VAC, 400Hz 18 А
МАА2000-1SFBх ~220 VAC, 50Hz or 400Hz 9 А