Ultimate reliability in low and high voltage applications

ASP Epoxy is a potting material that was developed in cooperation with ESA. It is a unique potting material that combines contradicting requirements like insulation capabilities, thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient and outgassing requirements. ASP Epoxy has become a standard for space applications that need to deal with voltages above 1kV up to 30kV. Careful attention is paid to the manufacturing process and the involved process parameters. ASP guarantees a complete void free potting structure of the end product. Due to its manifold material characteristics, ASP Epoxy is also used in low voltage applications to provide the fixation of transformers or inductors in partial potting in order to generate an improved thermal conductivity and mechanical connectivity to inductors.

ASP potting tremendously improves thermal dissipation of power inductors. The potting material has direct contact to the copper windings and creates a thermal path to a conductive surface. This allows thermal energy to dissipate easily under vacuum conditions.

High Voltage Magnetics

Electronic Power Conditioners are used for communication applications in space and on the ground. The high-voltage section is potted with ASP-Epoxy to prevent short circuits and achieve a maximum of thermal conductivity. Potting reliability is especially influencing the functionality of the unit over lifetime. ASP looks back on several hundred units that have been standing the test for many years now.

Application possibilities are almost unlimited. ASP is experienced in solving outstanding product challenges in compliance with your individual specifications

High Voltage Magnetics

Electronic materials and components perfectly harmonise with ASP Epoxy as insulating material. A high-voltage multiplier cascade PCB including a high-voltage transformer is potted on the inside with ASP Epoxy.