Industrial Products:

State-of-the-art technology on firm ground

Ultimate robustness, accuracy and stability for the most diverse applications on the ground – that is what ASP industrial power electronics are made for. It provides the highly specialized industry with customized state-of-the-art solutions in hard- and software design to control complex power supplies – both in small and large series production. ASP´s terrestrial power supplies can be found in thousands of mobile broadcast vehicles, as well as in the highest scientific level of electron beam microscopes. Take a closer look at ASP intelligent industrial power electronics:

2.5kW Electronic Power Conditioner for Ground Station TWTAs

When Industrial applications require ultimate reliability on ground, ASP´s design experience for space power electronics is transferred to specific product requirements on the ground. The Ground Electronic Power Conditioner for mobile communication is designed as commercial serial product featuring extreme robustness and longlife capabilities.


  • Various AC Inputs: 95 VAC to 260 VAC or 3- Phase 400Hz/ 115VAC
  • Power 2500 W
  • Output Voltages 17 kV Compatible with many tubes from Thales, CPI and Teledyne
  • Pulsed operation possible by adding a beam modulator
40kV High Voltage Power Supply for Electron Microscope

Controlling the electric field of a high resolution Electron Microscope demanded from the ASP engineers to take advantage of their long term experience in space technology. Development at the physical boundaries of electronics brought a unique solution on the way that meets highest possible requirements in terms of accuracy. Additionally ASP Potting for high voltage insulation transfers all the benefits from space technology to commercial designs.


  • Input 30 Vp-p / 35 KHz/ square wave
  • Output 40KV D
  • Voltage Accuracy < 1V
  • Voltage Ripple < 1V
Power Supply Unit for an Electron Microscope

High End Industrial and Scientific Electron Microscopes feature cutting edge requirements in terms of accuracy and performance. For ASP, an ideal case to transfer the knowledge from space technology to meet physical limits in ground-applications. The outcome is a unique Power Supply Unit with low- and high voltage outputs. Control is realized by a CAN Bus interface.

High Voltage Linear Regulator for Electron Microscope

In order to control an ultra-accurate electron beam by an electric field the High Voltage Linear Regulator provides an output voltage completely free of self-discharge and with outstanding noise-filtering.