Aviation Products:

Designed for challenges high above

ASP avionic and Defence power electronics are designed to meet challenging DO and MIL requirements. From off-the-shelf products to total customization according to your specifications – no matter, whether power is required for an on-board computer, communication and laser equipment systems or a fuel cell system, we develop power systems in the range from 5W to 150kW and from 1V to 30kV.

Electronic Power Conditioner for Extended Interactive Klystron Amplifier for Aircrafts

Having all the experience from space in background, ASP developed an Electronic Power Conditioner for Klystrons in aviation Application. The EPC features voltage levels of up to 17.5kV and is designed for operation in altitude levels of up to 20.000m. ASP uses its long term heritage of space electronics to provide reliability and robustness, but also safe operation in the complete range of partial air-pressure. At the same time, the design is kept flexible in order to be adapted to different tube manufacturers.


  • 24V – 36V DC Input Voltage
  • Output Voltages up to 17.5kV
  • Output power 10,3kW peak
  • Output power 750W average
  • Efficiency 86%
  • Mass 7.4kg
Military Airplane Warning System AC/DC Converter

Critical Systems in Military Airplanes require highest reliability and robustness, and at the same time have to fulfill outstanding performance stability in order to deliver the right amount of power in the crucial moment. ASP long term experience in space- and other high-level power electronics enables us at ASP to derive synergies and create products for challenging markets. This converter is designed to a very high overall efficiency of more than 87% and a hold up function of 200ms.


  • 60V – 160V AV Input Voltage
  • 2 High Power Outputs
  • Output 1: 28V/7.2A
  • Output 2: 28V/1.6A
  • 6 Independent Auxiliary Outputs
Power Unit for Mobile Radar System

A design to meet the needs of Ground Operation in a challenging environment and the demand to fulfill highest MIL Standards has been the drivers for the development of this Power Unit for a Mobile Radar System. A 4 + 1 redundancy scheme guarantees safe operation even in failure cases. An integrated full DSP driven digital-unit supports control and housekeeping features. Designed for a total output of 1500W, a typical efficiency of better than 90% and fluid-cooling capabilities make this Power Unit unique on the market.


  • Input Voltage: 270V DC
  • Output Voltage: 28V / 1500W
  • RS485 Data Interface
  • 4+1 Redundancy Scheme
  • Liquid Cooled
60kW / 3 x 115V AC Electrical Power System for Fuel Cells (Aircraft)

Fuel Cell Technology is an upcoming technology trend for new power system layouts in airplanes. This unit provides 60kW peak power and 3 x 115AC 400Hz. Unique topologies guarantee an outstanding efficiency of 92%. All ASP experience from space has led to convincing results in terms of lowest possible volume and lowest possible weight thus meeting demanding DO160 requirements. Built in Test capabilities as well as command and housekeeping functionalities sum up to a unique power system.


  • 40V – 110V DC from Fuel Cell
  • 3 x 115 / 400Hz AC Output Voltage
  • 60kW peak Power
  • 92% Efficiency
  • 48kg Mass
  • Design for DO160 Environment