ASP, Advanced Space Power Equipment GmbH, is your primary address for power supplies for Space, Aviation, Defence and demanding Industrial applications. ASP now ranks among the leading experts worldwide both in the development of customized solutions and the manufacturing of high-end products.

By virtue of ASP’s expertise and high technological standards, ASP is in the position to meet stringent and manifold requirements with particular emphasis on high electrical efficiency and high-reliability power supply combined with minimum mass and volume. Throughout all project phases, ASP is committed to keep up a continuous and extensive communication with its customers.

As a medium-sized enterprise, it goes without saying that ASP’s natural strengths are the dedicated focus on customer requests, rapid and flexible response to specification changes, full compliance with the technical requirements and on-time delivery. The manufacturing process of all of its products and small series requires a huge amount of manual work done by specialized staff and in compliance with high-quality standards. In order to provide this, ASP carries out almost 100 % of its value chain in-house and stick to a consistent Quality Management System (QMS).

ASP services for your success – facilities at ASP

  • Laboratory for electronic design, assembly and electronics integration area
  • Manufacturing of high voltage/low voltage transformers and inductors
  • Encapsulation facility: Potting under vacuum conditions and curing under pressure
  • Thermal vacuum chamber
  • Clean room ISO class 8 for manufacturing, assembly, integration and test (MAIT)
  • Process laboratory
  • Micro sectioning laboratory
ASP is deeply rooted in space industry. It provides customers with individual and specialized DC/DC converters, Instrument Power Units (IPU), Power Control and Distribution Units (PCDU), Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) as well as Propulsion Power Units (PPU) according to ECSS Standards.  ASP's Avionic Power Electronics derive from a synergy of its space equipment. It brings best ideas from space in their avionic power equipment thus providing highest possible efficiency and reliability. ASP products are designed to meet challenging DO and MIL requirements. High-tech industrial customers appreciate ASP power supplies for their outstanding technology. In competing markets ASP power supplies define the technical limits of robustness, accuracy and stability for extraordinary applications. Meeting the cutting edge is its unique selling point.