Power Supplies

REBUTOR offers Power Conversion products from world’s leading manufacturers. It distributes reputed manufacturers like Traco Power-Switzerland, Telkoor-Israel and Glary Power-Taiwan.

REBUTOR can offer SIP, DIP, SMD-Leaded, Industry Standard PCB Mount bricks (Full/Half/Quarter, 1/8th, Nano bricks) Open/Enclosed frame, Plug-in, Modular, 19”Rackmount, Wall Mount, Standalone, DIN Rail etc., The product range includes Complete Power Conversion – DC/DC Converters, AC/DC power solutions, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Medical power supplies and for applications using Compact PCI, MicroTCA type power supplies.

Rebutor being authorized distributor can provide complete product technical support for all your design solutions/requirements.

TRACOPOWER, a world-leading manufacturer of power supplies and offers Power Conversion products from 0.5Watt to 22KW Power.

In addition to its industry standard converters of SIP/DIP, PCB Mount, Chassis Mount, Plug-in and rack mount units, AC/DC Switching in U bracket, DIN-Rail, Water Proof and external power supplies are also available.




Glary Power Technology is the technology leader in high efficiency and high density dc to dc converters, supplying to telecommunication, data processing and industrial control. Glary is technology-oriented, superior in design and development, skilled in high power density manufacturing. Zero-Voltage-Switching (ZVS), Synchronous-Rectifier (SR), Trans-Filter topology and conventional hard-switching technology support specific design to system designers.

Glary is Pioneer in low profile, high power density and high efficiency of a brick type. Products are of High current density, > 90% efficiency with 180W/in3, wide operating temperature and highly reliable.