It can be combined with a screw-on system and can use flexible and semi-rigid cables with two types of cable connections: crimp and clamp
BNC Series are the most widely used bayonet lock coaxial connectors with 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm impedances.The 50 Ohm series can be used up to 4 GHz and 75 Ohm Series can be used up to 1GHz.
30% smaller than the SMB, the MCX series helps minimize the equipment and optimize printed circuit board layouts with its range of models for PCBs, and lowers wiring
connection costs through its "crimp-on versions."
Since TNC Series Connectors have a screw type design using the BNC Series combining system, they can be used appropriately for mechanics with strong vibrations.
MMCX Connectors offer a significant space saving feature with a "Snap On" latching action for easy connection.
Our N Coaxial Connectors are available in both 75 Ohm and 50 Ohm impedances.The highest possible frequency is 18GHz according to the
connector type.
A 50 Ohm snap-on system easily connected and dismantled in limited spaces.
Rugged coaxial connector with screw-on coupling. High-power in transmitting station with low loss transmission of received signals & low intermodulation.