Compact isolated DC/DC converters of MDM-V Series for industrial and special purpose applications. Despite the small size (30×20.2×10.15 mm) the maximum output power of modules reach up 8W and they are able to operate in a wide case operating temperature range (–60...+125°С).

These modules might have single or dual galvanically isolated output, remote on/off, short circuit, overcurrent and thermal protection and can operate in parallel and series modes. Without optocouplers in the converter’s circuit it can safely operate in conditions of ionizing radiation and high temperature. Power supplies have variable protections from different factors: vibration, dirt, moisture fog and salt fog.

These modules undergo special thermal and limit test including burn-in test with extreme on/off modes.


  • Output current up to 1.6 A
  • Input voltage 10.5 ... 18V; 10.5 ... 36 V; 18 ... 75 V; 17 ... 36V(80V); 36 ... 75VDC
  • Low profile 10.15 mm design with solder pins
  • Case operating temperature -60°C ... + 90°C, -60°C ... +125°C
  • Magnetic feedback without optocouplers
  • Models with one or two outputs
  • Protection against short-circuit and overvoltage protection, thermal protection
  • Remote On / Off • Output voltage adjustment in single-channel modules
  • Efficiency of at least 75% for Uout> 5
  • Parallel or series connection of the outputs
  • Polymer potting
  • 2 years warranty
  • Download Datasheet