Ultra-compact isolated DC/DC converters of MDM25-R Series have been particularly designed for industrial and special purpose applications. These compact units (40×20.2×10.25 mm) have output power up to 25W and wide operating temperature range –60...+125°С.

These modules can be switched on/off by a signal, have full protection complex against overcurrent, short circuit and over temperature and can be connected in parallel or series. Without opto-couplers in the converter’s circuit it can safely operate in conditions of ionizing radiation and high temperature. Polymer potting sealing protects modules from different factors: vibration, dirt, moisture and salt fog.

These modules undergo special thermal and limit test including burn-in test with extreme on/off modes.


  • Output current up to 5 А
  • Input voltage ranges 9…36 VDC; 18…75 VDC
  • Case operating temperature –60…+125°С
  • Low-profile design (10.25 mm) with cylindrical pin outs
  • Copper case with mounting flanges
  • Magnetic feedback without opto-couplers
  • Short circuit protection, overvoltage, thermal protection
  • Remote on/off
  • Output voltage adjustment
  • Switching frequency 800 kHz
  • Typical efficiency 84% (Uout=24 VDC)
  • Parallel or series mode
  • Polymer potting sealing
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Download Datasheet